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Artist Interviewed - March 6th 2011

This week.. I would like to introduce an artist who is quite "new" to the world of art..

~rubenom [link]


:bulletblue: Rubenom please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Actually, I’m not a “real” artist, I´m a Psychologist and Research Manager.

I’m also a g/l/b/t activist and a member on the commission board at Nexo AC ( Nexo is a glbt NGO (non-governmental organizations) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have done a lot of things… I was a teacher at a university, “almost” a pianist, a singer, astrologist, tarot, salsa and meringue dancer… the list is large.

One year ago, my boyfriend begun an Art Workshop at Nexo, and as usual, one member of the organization goes to the first class of each workshop or activity. I went to the first class and I made my first drawing (first in all my life!). I really enjoyed this class, and encouraged by my friends I went to the second class and… still going.

:bulletblue: Does your experiences from working as a Psychologist affect your art?

Everything is related to, or affected by, everything! I don´t know which one is the consequence. But I know art is a part of me now. For me, drawing is a new experience. I think in the future I will make a link between art and psychology.

:bulletblue: What does "art" mean to you?

I think art is another language, like words. It is a way to express ideas.. Very complex ideas!

:bulletblue: Many of the deviations in your gallery here on dA have a pronounced "fetish" feel. Would you tell us about that?

I like fetish. Maybe it is related to my devotion to Tom of Finland [link] .

:bulletblue: Do you have a favorite fetish?

Well.. I love cockrings, and boots. :D But, I´m not a fetishist. I like using objects or clothes related to fetishism to give more intention or emotion into my drawings.

:bulletblue: Do you believe that "fetish" means certain objects, clothes, materials, or non-genital parts of the body, have a "potent spirit" or "magical potency"?

A fetish means someone has given or displaced some level of their sexual desire to an object, including clothes, shoes, underwear, non-genital areas of the body, etc.

In a psychopathology way, fetishist can´t have sex without his/her fetish. Or in some cases, the fetishist gets all thier sexual satisfaction from his/her fetish rather than from the genitals.

But talking in a more extensive meaning, a fetish is related not only to objets. A fetish is more related to "scenes", such as SM (slave/Master) or various domination/submision scenes. Theses scenes needs objects to be perfomed, I mean, if you want to make a master/slave scene, is better if you have objects to use, like a whip and chains.

And I would like to tell you something rather suprising. Not only in relation to fetishs, but any form of role playing (like SM) is a way to make relationships predictible and safer. This is because you have predetermined what you can / can´t do, no surprises.

:bulletblue: When did you discover that you were attracted to fetishism?

I discovered fetish from many ways. Not in order of significance, let me mention some.

Tom of Finland [link] his drawings have plenty of energy, not only related to a fetish (leather, in general) but in assholes or dicks in amazing sizes.

Robert Mapplethorpe [link] What can I say, pure energy on his image. You can "read" his art, because all his art is telling stories or messages.

Related to psychology, Michel Foucault [link] He gets into the SM. I have enjoyed "acting" some of the things he wrote in his articles.

In a more personal way (I know you want to know more... jejeje)... I was 20 years in a partnership, I used to say "with the same man". You know... in 20 years together sex, love, everthing changes. For us, things became unexpected in many ways. Together we discovered, day by day, new ways to be together, to get more pleasure, to become more confident together. And one day, we began to make our fantasies live.

:bulletblue: Do you hope to discover something new, or explore new territories w/ your fetish related artwork?

My artwork is a new way to be relaxed, to connect with others habilities that I have.

But... returning to the begining, remember... I´m an art student. A lot of my works are part of the study.

:bulletblue: Why do you do "male oriented" artwork?

Because I do… lol! Why not? I like the male body.

I think the art scene has a homophobia or heterosexism. Nobody cares if you draw a woman, but everyone asks questions if a man draws a man. This is another way to express gender inequality. It's like saying: “women are objects, you can do what you want with them. But men are MEN." If a man does something with a man, he has to justify it, or he is gay.

:bulletblue: What do you hope to accomplish by posting your artwork here on dA?

I like to share with others artists (real artists… with more skills and experience than mine), to receive critics or congratulations, maybe to be a screensaver… who knows.

:bulletblue: Many people on dA are discussing copy right issues. What is your opinion of those who use another’s artwork as their own?

I think this is disrespectful and non ethical, to use something without the mention of the creator.

But on the other hand… It is so “naïf” not to think about the consequences of the “internet effect” spreading all the stuff on-line. You know… if you upload something, somebody can download it and use it to make what they want.

If you really want to “protect” your things (art or anything) on the net… make a pay site, or better… just do not upload. The only way to completely protect something is keep it into your mind.

:bulletblue: May we change the subject, and talk about you for a moment? What was your scariest experience?

The first time a client told me he wanted to commit suicide. (Now he´s living and happy)

:bulletblue: What makes you angry?

People who can´t listen (some times: I can't listen and that makes me angry)

:bulletblue: Tell us about something you do not like at all?

I don´t like people without respect for the diversity of other people. These are people who only support their own positions in religious or political dogmas.

:bulletblue: Would you tell us about something you love?

I love my work at Nexo, going for a better and healthy future (please… test for HIV and use condoms!) I carry the memory of a large list of friend who I’ve lost.

:bulletblue: What superpower would you like to have?

To see the future! I would be very happy to know, without anticipation, the consequences of my decisions.

:bulletblue: What’s your strongest memory from your childhood?

That one is easy! I remember most when my mother would take me to the zoo. She was divorced and had to work all the time. But sometimes she had time to take me to the zoo. I remember the animals, the fun, being with my mother, the cookies! :D

:bulletblue: Who are a few of your favorite artists?

I have a lot of favorites, just take a look into my favs gallery.

*jesusromero [link] my teacher!!!!

*acaspe [link] because I like the style of the poses, the models he choose, and the message in some of the pictures.

*zakharova [link] she takes the photographs with a “gay” eye… the perspective… and Russian models… very hot.

*sth22art [link] because all his work make me feel something.

*leothefox [link] he has a great imagination.

~bjornbenny [link] because the colors and the “line”.

:bulletblue: Which are your favorite deviations in your gallery?

It’s difficult to decide, because the latest are better, because I'm learning more. But I really love “fusta” [link] I love the colors, I think “fusta” has “energy”, like others drawings, but this was my the first.

~rubenom [link]